We do the "dirty work" so you can focus on the marketing!

Bulk Apothecary produces high-quality quality bath products, including a full line of custom bath bombs, soaps, lip balm, essential oils and more. Now, you can get all of these products and private label them with your brand and design. We’ve already spent the time formulating, batching, and manufacturing these products so you can simply label and package it all and launch your new line of ready-to-sell products.

Need Custom Labels? We've got you covered.  We can even offer professional design services and turnkey custom private labeled products for larger runs. 

Get Your Label-Ready Products:

ready-to-private-label-essential-oils.jpg ready-to-private-label-soap-bars.jpg ready-to-private-label-lip-balm.jpg private-label-bath-bombs.jpg 10-mL-Category-Image.jpg
Ready To Label Essential Oils Ready to Package Soap Bars Ready to Label Lip Balm Ready to Package Bath Bombs Pre-Designed Label Templates

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